Photo of Gary L. Howard

Gary Howard has spent his 25-five year career litigating across the country on behalf of insurers in class actions; fraud and bad-faith cases; and contract, agent and lost-profits disputes. He prides himself on an in-depth understanding of his clients’ businesses and on building mutual trust between himself and those at all levels within his clients’ organizations. Gary is active in insurance trade and bar associations, such as ALIC and ACLI, and often serves a speaker or author on insurance-related topics.

The question of whether Mutual of Omaha discriminated against a gay man (John Doe) when it refused to issue a long-term care insurance policy due to the company’s practice of denying coverage to anyone using the HIV-prevention protocol Truvada, also called PrEP, is set to be decided by a Massachusetts court and may have an

What’s Who You Love Got to Do with It? Allegations of Sexual-Orientation Discrimination in the Context of Insurance Underwriting—Part 2The issue of HIV prevention, an issue that is seen by many to affect the LGBTQ community disproportionately, more specifically gay men, has found its way into the discussion of civil liberties in the context of insurance by way of the Massachusetts lawsuit regarding PrEP that was the subject of a recent blog post.