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Ann Hill focuses her practice in business litigation and complex litigation. Ann primarily represents insurance companies, litigating cases in federal and state venues. She has handled matters in trial and appellate courts throughout Alabama and across the country. She has been successful in representing her clients in all phases of high-stakes and complex litigation. Ann is a member of the firm’s E-Discovery team and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s pretrial practice and discovery programming committee.

Ex-Spouse May Not Be Removed as Beneficiary of Life Insurance Policy under New York’s Revocation on Divorce StatuteA recent Second Circuit opinion highlights an important nuance in New York’s revocation on divorce statute, N.Y. Est. Powers & Trusts Law § 5-1.4. In New York Life Insurance Company v. Sahani, the Second Circuit affirmed the district’s courts finding that a decedent’s ex-spouse was entitled to life insurance policy proceeds despite divorcing the

Ex-Wife Loses Out on Life Insurance Proceeds: Headache Remains for Insurance CompaniesIn an unfortunately all-too-American scenario, Mark and Kaye married in 1997 and divorced 10 years later. But events that took place while Mark and Kaye were still married would eventually be up for consideration by the Supreme Court.

While still married, in 1998 Mark purchased a life insurance policy and named Kaye as the primary